The instructing team at Nuthampstead offers a huge amount of experience. Novice shooters are made to feel welcome and comfortable during sessions. Instructors will cover basic skills such as gun handling, gun mounting and shooting techniques.

Equipment for your lesson is available in all the different packages. Gun hire, cartridges, safety equipment and instruction means that you don't need to bring anything. However if you are already geared up please bring your own equipment with you.

Different calibres, sizes and weight of shotgun are available and instructors will try and find the best suitable shotgun for your lesson. Having the correct gun will mean a more enjoyable lesson.

Experienced shooters can also benefit from a session with an instructor, these can be beneficial for correcting any bad habits or to try out a new gun.

Group bookings or parties can also be arranged. Gift vouchers are also available.


51 DSC 3688

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Nuthampstead Shooting Ground hold's a Section 11.6 which means any unlicensed member of the public can legally use a shotgun providing they are under very close supervision by our instructors who have Shotgun licenses. Any person with a criminal record cannot legally participate in any form of shooting at Nuthampstead or other shooting grounds.

We have lots of experience with birthday,stag and hen parties!

Clay shooting is a great way to celebrate any occassion.

We can cater for different size groups as well as levels of experience.


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Struggling for presents for a loved one or a group of friends? Novice or beginner they are sure to be thrilled when they open the envelope!

Gift Vouchers can be organised via our E-mail.

Once recieved, the session can be booked with Nuthampstead Shooting Ground. The vouchers expire within 12 months. 



19 DSC 3564

Lessons include cartridges, gun hire, equipment hire and instruction.


25 targets      £50.00

50 targets      £80.00

75 targets      £110.00

100 targets    £130.00